Hi! My name is Karina and I wasn’t always Cruelty Free. Like many others I live a busy life and never stopped to think about “Cruelty-Free” products or living a cruelty-free lifestyle. Several years ago I stumbled upon an article online regarding cruelty-free cosmetics; I was so immersed in the content that I continued to research what it meant to be cruelty-free. As first I was a little confused with terms such as Cruelty Free, Vegan, Eco-friendly, Plant Based, Organic etc… There were so many terms it became overwhelming. Despite it all I continued to research and learn what logos to look for on products, what ingredients to look for and most importantly how to adapt the cruelty-free lifestyle. It has been a little over 7 years since I have been living a cruelty-free lifestyle. I created this blog as a tool for others to use as a guide to cruelty-free products. At Ethical Beauty Maven I will share what I have learned in the past 7 years, my life style changes and reviews on beauty and household products. I will review many products such as bath & body essentials, dental, cosmetics, kitchen &bathroom cleaning products this list will be endless. If you have any suggestions on products you would like for me to review feel free to leave me a message.

Thank you very much for stopping by.

Xoxo- Karina

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